A Fistful of Dragonshards

Session 5

After recuperating from the battle with the centipedes, the party once again set out to explore the cavern. After a little searching they found the abandoned House Cannith forge. Unfortunately they were unable to open the ancient structure’s doors from the outside, so Rhysazos boosted Zarrin up to the building’s roof. Unfortunately, the dragonborn’s boost was a bit too powerful and Zarrin sailed up over the roof and nearly landed on his face. Regardless, the halfling secured a rope to the roof so his companions could climb up. Once there, they found a hole leading into the forge created when a portion of the roof had caved in ages ago. With no other obvious means of entry, the party climbed into the forge through the hole.

Once inside, the group was attacked by a trio of dog-shaped constructs. The guardians were quickly defeated and Rhysazos, in a display of brilliant logic or blind luck, depending on whom one talked to, managed to open a vault door without incident. Inside the party found a tattered old map and a heavy, palm-sized piece of metal in the shape of a seven-pointed star – the creation schema that Lady d’Vown was after.

As the adventurers opened the main doors to the forge and stepped outside of the building, a crossbow bolt exploded in a brilliant burst of energy not far from Rhysazos’s head. A booming voice out of the surrounding darkness commanded them to drop the schema. Predictably, the party refused and were swiftly attacked by a handful of shifters led by a warforged named Saber. After a battle in which Rhysazos would have fallen no less than three times had it not been for several healing potions, the self-proclaimed lieutenant of the Lord of Blades and his henchmen were defeated and the mysterious schema retrieved for a grateful Lady d’Vown.



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