A Fistful of Dragonshards

Session 5

After recuperating from the battle with the centipedes, the party once again set out to explore the cavern. After a little searching they found the abandoned House Cannith forge. Unfortunately they were unable to open the ancient structure’s doors from the outside, so Rhysazos boosted Zarrin up to the building’s roof. Unfortunately, the dragonborn’s boost was a bit too powerful and Zarrin sailed up over the roof and nearly landed on his face. Regardless, the halfling secured a rope to the roof so his companions could climb up. Once there, they found a hole leading into the forge created when a portion of the roof had caved in ages ago. With no other obvious means of entry, the party climbed into the forge through the hole.

Once inside, the group was attacked by a trio of dog-shaped constructs. The guardians were quickly defeated and Rhysazos, in a display of brilliant logic or blind luck, depending on whom one talked to, managed to open a vault door without incident. Inside the party found a tattered old map and a heavy, palm-sized piece of metal in the shape of a seven-pointed star – the creation schema that Lady d’Vown was after.

As the adventurers opened the main doors to the forge and stepped outside of the building, a crossbow bolt exploded in a brilliant burst of energy not far from Rhysazos’s head. A booming voice out of the surrounding darkness commanded them to drop the schema. Predictably, the party refused and were swiftly attacked by a handful of shifters led by a warforged named Saber. After a battle in which Rhysazos would have fallen no less than three times had it not been for several healing potions, the self-proclaimed lieutenant of the Lord of Blades and his henchmen were defeated and the mysterious schema retrieved for a grateful Lady d’Vown.

Session 4

A short passage beyond the portal leads to a small chamber at the top of a deep shaft. A slight breeze wafting from the depths indicates that there is at least some airflow down below, and the rungs built into the side of the shaft seem sturdy if not a little rusty.

After a long, arduous climb, the party finds themselves in a roughly-hewn, rubble-strewn chamber with a tunnel leading further into the darkness. They follow the passage until it opens up into a vast cavern. Before they can explore further, however, several swarms of hungry centipedes detect them and attack. Defeating the vermin is no easy task, and the party retreats to the top of the shaft to rest.

Session 3

The party finds themselves in the squalid tunnels of the Lower City in search of the portal leading to the ancient House Cannith forge.

While they are planning their next course of a action at one of the “rat’s markets”, a goblin merchant mentions that he could tell them where to find the valve cluster mentioned in the journal. After a rather intense “bargaining” session with Rhysazos, the goblin points out the tunnel beyond which the cluster lies.

When the party finds the valve cluster, they are ambushed by another warforged and a pair of rough-looking shifters; Saeari recognizes one of them from the market. After defeating their assailants, the party finds the sealed portal leading, hopefully, further on to the forge. Zarrin discovers that the engraving on the journal’s cover opens the portal, but not before Rhysazos triggers the traps on the door.

Session 2

Zarrin and Saeari head to the Broken Anvil Tavern to meet the person who sent them the note. Once they arrive there, they are ushered into a private booth at the back of the tavern, where they are met by Lady Elaydren d’Vown of House Cannith. She reveals the secrets of the mysterious journal that the party had found on the body of Professor Geldem the night before and asks them to find the ancient House Cannith forge described in the journal. Lady d’Vown also reassures them that the mission would be quick and that they would still be able to make the trip to Stormreach on time.

Meanwhile, Rhysazos heads to the North Market district in search for an armorer to make him a suit of plate mail. After he finds one and negotiates a price for the suit and the enchantment transfers, he heads back to the inn only to find the market in chaos. A floating, demonic creature is roaming the market and terrorizing shopkeepers and shoppers alike. It catches sight of the dragonborn and, with an angry hiss, charges at him. Rhysazos barely manages to defeat it, but the creature’s death brings up more questions than answers.

Once the party regroups, they head off to the depths of the undercity to find a valve cluster in the Sewers, near which the portal to the area containing the forge lies.

The Story So Far...

This page will break down the campaign so far in point form, and will be edited as the story progresses.

Session One:
The adventurers arrived at Kundarak Tower in Sharn, following news that an old colleague they hadn’t seen since they served together since the Last War recommended them for a sensitive mission for the House.

Upon arrival, they are asked to go to Stormreach to meet with a half-orc at the Sleeping Titan Inn who has a satchel for one of House Kundarak’s important clients. The mission is relatively straightforward — they are meet with the half-orc at the inn and bring the satchel back with as few complications as possible. For that, the house is willing to pay 800 gold — half upon acceptance of the job, and the other half upon completion. The adventurers agree to their terms.

Eager to spend their new-found wealth, the adventurers head out to find a place to stay until their airship leaves for Xen’drik in three days time. Along the way, they discover a dead body and fight off a warforged intent on killing off any potential witnesses to the murder. After they defeat the warforged and explain the situation to a guard patrol, they finally book a room at a rather lavish inn.

When they wake up the next morning, they discover a note that had been slipped under their door during the night. Upon the slightly damp parchment someone has written, “If you wish to know the truth about Professor Geldem’s murder, meet me at the Broken Anvil Tavern by midday tomorrow.”


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